Mid August our team at Solec Industries had been requested to approach a technical install. We were requested to install on a round roof that many turned down before us due to the installers saying its too difficult. We did not want to let down this customer so we come up with the ultimate solution that the customer was thrilled to try. After checking the strength and integrity of the carport roof we begun the journey.

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The testimonial provided shows how happy the customer was with the end result –

Hi Rob
Thanks for completing our Q cell solar panel and solar edge optimiser- inverter installation .
The roof to be covered with 24 panels was a unique contemporary curved corrugated metal roof carport approx. 6.5 X 6.5.
We had several solar companies inspect the site and they both said it was not possible to put solar panels on the soft curve roof.
Rob did a site evaluation and said he would check a few systems to try and make a custom system.
Rob designed and built custom ABS & Rubber spacers that allowed Extruded Aluminium beams to fit and follow the roof curve , This system was perfectly executed and the result was solar panels that hugged the roof and looked curved & neat , just perfect.
Robs team did a fantastic job with all the guys being very professional craftsmen, nothing was too much trouble.
As a professional Aeronautical Engineer my ideals are very high, Rob exceeded my expectations in every way including a very competitive quote with no nasty surprises or extras.
Thanks again Rob

This customer was so happy with the result he asked us to install a second system on the house the very next year!