Commercial Solar Power Installations

Electricity Prices a problem for your business?

A Solec Industries commercial based solar system will work in a similar way to a household installed system, however where as a household system may not use all of its produced energy, your business can maximise this due to the energy it needs, Solec Industries will Design a solar system to suit your needs and consumption, particularly those with high energy consumption. Generous Federal Government subsidies may also be available to your business to help pay the capital costs of the system. Going commercial solar power for your business also brings about financial incentives including, Depreciation claims on tax, Quick returns on investment, as well as knowing you will be producing your own energy for years to come mitigating most of the rises in electricity prices.

Solec Industries can also provide service warranties and ongoing maintenance of your system on top of extensive local component warranties.

Your step by step guide to
Commercial Solar Power!

Step 1
Solec Industries will sit down with you and look at your energy usage history, power factor and the equipment currently operating within your business. This will allow us to calculate the solar system to assist the ways in which your business can reduce energy consumption and reduce the operating costs associated with your business’s energy demands.

Step 2
Unlike all other solar installing companies Solec Industries sales people are our solar installers as well. While onsite all measurements and calculations for the correct install will be discussed and offered. All measurements taken will be converted and a digital print out of the system will be provided to immerse our client in the system offered.

Step 3
Solec Industries solar Installations team will install your system and have it ready for the meter change. The entire system will be connected and tested to ensure once the meter is replaced there will be no more hassles.

Step 4
Solec Industries will organise an Authorised Service Provider to install your mete

The Average Daily Energy Production

The Average Daily Energy production is based on the Australian average of 4.2 hours of peak sunlight per day and the Solar Panels facing North at a 30 percent incline. Variations to this will have an effect on the energy yield. On a clear day, energy production can be up to 30% higher than these specifications.

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