Home Solar Power Installations

Are Rising Electricity Prices a Problem for you?

Every grid fed solar system produces power each day that is used within the house to reduce your total power consumption.

Solec Industries can help you compare this figure with information from your quarterly power bill, so we can choose a system that is right for your Home

The most popular size solar power systems for an “average house” are 5-10kw. The sizing is based on your power usage, available roof space and your budget.

Your step by step guide to
Solar Power!

1 Grab your latest energy bill and contact us for a system quotation online or in person

2 Book your preferred installation date and complete an installation agreement

3 We install your system and have it ready for the meter change

4 We organise a meter change through your energy supplier

5 System is energised and your house starts exporting clean energy to the grid

Solar Credits (STCS)

When you install solar power, and other renewable energy technologies you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This entitles you to create environmental credits called small-scale technology certificates or STCS for short.

These credits are a commodity and tradeable like shares on the Australian Stock Exchange. Like other commodities the price of STCS is not fixed and varies with supply and demand.