The 9 Tesla Powerwall and 40kw Solar installation

This customer came to us with a network supply issue, there wasn’t enough power available on the street to accommodate the new house they intended on building, although the job is still in progress as the house is under construction we are happy to be able to share the system details and progress so far. […]

Commercial Solar Build At Campsie Bowls Club

Campsie bowling club, like all other clubs they were tired of always receiving huge electrical bills, so they came to us to see how they could reduce their usage. Solec Industries took on the task of reducing their huge bill and filled the rest of the roof up with REC Twinpeak panels. After a test […]

Great East / West Solar install

The sun’s movements throughout the day During the course of a day, the sun passes through the sky in an arc that varies throughout the year due to the earth’s orbit, the arc is always symmetrical from east to west, measuring out from the centre point, which would be midday. This means that from sunrise […]

The round roof

Mid August our team at Solec Industries had been requested to approach a technical install. We were requested to install on a round roof that many turned down before us due to the installers saying its too difficult. We did not want to let down this customer so we come up with the ultimate solution […]